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Schedule a free 20-minute chat with Heather to create your own unique radical self-care plan!

In a chaotic world, it’s easy to lose your true self.

Reconnect with your open-hearted loving self: the vibrant and powerful you who lives fully self-aware.

Getting there is a process, and it helps to have a guide. Getting there takes radical self-care.

Heather Thomas Campbell will help guide you through a process of identifying and articulating your desires and needs, connecting with others, and releasing through  movement the trauma your body has stored. Heather will help you back to your true self.

Self-care reconnection

How the process works &

what’s on the menu

Real healing is possible when you learn how to communicate about it, allow yourself to feel it, and move it out of your body. Quite a lot of that can be done on your own at your own pace.

I’ll customize a program specifically designed for you to help build and strengthen your own tool box for healing.

Flash Coaching

Flash Coaching

Getting to Know You

In the initial 20-minute free consultation, we will explore the options on your individual menu and design your personal Radical Self-Care plan. When you are ready to super-charge your results, schedule a one-hour online session to more deeply explore the area of focus you identified and steps you can take right away toward progress. Follow-ups will be in the form of Flash-Coaching: we exchange short video messages where you allow yourself to be witnessed, practice identifying and communicating your desires, needs and making specific requests. Heather is there as your listener and witness, offering feedback, support and guidance.

Radical self-care hugs

Connection 101

Cuddles, Consent, & Boundaries

Trust is integral to truly healing human touch. In Connection 101 sessions (offered as group or individual sessions), Heather guides even the most nervous of nervous systems toward becoming more comfortable with giving and receiving touch: physical, yet non-sexual intimacy. You will learn how to identify and ask for consent and negotiate boundaries in order to empower yourself and feel comfortable with platonic cuddles.

Movement Body Connection

Movement Coaching

The Body Connection

Trauma is stored in the body. In order to release those experiences and fully heal, you have to move your body. In Movement Coaching, Heather works with you to identify the forms of movement that will be most supportive for you with emphasis on those that are easiest to incorporate into your daily routine. One key to our bodies feeling strong, healthy and vibrant is to have intentional movement nearly every day. These routines evolve over time as your body evolves, so it is important to learn how to tune into what you need in the moment. You’ll learn how to start, continue, and move through the inevitable roadblocks that will arise.

Book a free 20-minute radical self‑care consultation today.

Heather Thomas Campbell is here to help you start your healing journey.

Start your
radical self-care journey now!

You’re here because you’re ready.

Let’s talk about:

  • Have you put off your own desires, talents, interests, and joy for too long? Do you know what they are?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself to tasks and expectations? Doing for others? Meeting the demands of life and a job? Just like in air travel, you can’t assist another until you put your own oxygen mask on. Heather will help you restore AND prioritize your own well-being.
  • Do you feel alone in the world? Even when in a crowd? Would you like to feel more empowered and connected?

  • Are you able to request what you need in your life? In your relationships? Would you like to be more honest about those needs?
  • Are intimacy and touch relaxing and empowering for you? Or do you feel as though you’re always on your guard when either are available?
  • Is your body crying for help? Does that question confuse you? Heather will help you remember how to listen to your body, so you can reconnect with and understand it again.

Connections 101

Uplifting and No-Nonsense

“Her positive go-get-em attitude is uplifting and no-nonsense. Just the right balance of compassion, empathy, care, and motivation. She has taught me many things from simply being the growing example I aspire to be. Thank you Heather for helping me with my anxiety, frustrations, giving me great feedback and ideas on business and personal growth. Highly recommended, a powerful woman who in incredibly skilled at communication, self care, balancing life, and inspiring others to not just believe in themselves, but find that same power within.”



“Heather has been an incredible guide during a difficult transition period for me, specifically regarding relationships, boundaries, and wellness. She has helped me find answers within myself, and has supported me in discovering my strength and self-love again. Heather has also supported and provided me with helpful ideas regarding general wellness/nutrition. She’s shared valuable tools with me that I’ll always have in my pocket. Every time we connect I feel grounded, seen, and ready for the next challenge!”


Radical Self-Care is more crucial than ever.

You have to “put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.”
Heather can help you figure out what sustains you.


Explore the most common blocks to sustainable long-term change; identify those that block you.


Remember how to feel all the comfort, warmth, and nurturing of platonic (non-sexual) touch.


Experience an expanded awareness of pleasure, intimacy, and creativity. These are available to you right now.


Discover how to slow down and pause. Learn how to tune in so you can identify what you need in this moment. Is it really more talking? Or is it movement? Touch? Rest?


Experience the healing available through platonic touch and cuddles. Learn and practice consent, boundaries, and empower yourself to request what feels safe and good for you.


Learn how empowering it is to recognize that moment between “trigger” and “reaction.” The pause allows you space to choose how you respond.

About your guide to radical self‑care, Heather Thomas Campbell

Heather has wildly varied experiences, which she synthesizes into a new perspective to help and support her clients. These include holistic health and healing, somatic experiencing, project and event management, platonic touch, transformational communication, and radical acceptance of the moment. Heather helps people fully experience their next level life.

Heather’s own personal transformation informs her work. Having recovered from chronic illness and all the things life can throw at a person—divorce, frequent moves, family drama, job loss, bankruptcy, an abusive relationship, single parenthood—Heather found a radical self-care process that moved her from barely surviving to thriving. By recognizing that the illness and pain she had in her body (in part) reflected her own self talk and the choices she had made, she vowed to heal and extend her hard-won lessons to help others. She now uses her processes, journey, and testimony to nurture others toward recovery and full, vibrant lives.

Simply put, Heather engages clients to feel and accept their life realities. She helps them craft their own journeys by guiding people to support their bodies, heal through touch, and truly recognize their bodies’ requests and needs. It’s as simple AND as difficult as talking, feeling, and moving. It’s a journey and a process of radical self-love. And the end result is beautiful!

Radical self-care session
Schedule a free 20-minute chat with Heather to create your own unique radical self-care plan!